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ASN Mangu Farm

ASN Mangu Farm

The farm is located in Thika Sub County and comprises of 95 acres. The land is located in agricultural land and very productive. Currently on 50% of the land is being utilized.

Assumption Sisters of Nairobi initiated the Thika farm as an Agricultural Demonstration Centre for the local community to develop agricultural and entrepreneurial skills. The Sisters initiated farming as a business and offer training skills to the local community who are generally small scale farmers with small portions of land. The ASN carried out a needs assessment for the people in this area to find out the best way to assist the community is to train them in agriculture as an economic activity.

Community benefits
The Assumption Sisters as a demonstration Centre for the community, help the community to learn how to make their small farms productive as well as meet the family needs. Also, the farm offers employment to people as well as casual laborers. The farm also trains the mothers on how to properly feed their families with a balanced diet (on nutrition and hygiene). The farm also acts as a center for education which allows the neighboring schools to bring the student for agriculture practical and learning new methods of farming. Through this, many people will be transformed to become business-oriented.

The farm has the following units:

Dairy Unit









Pigs Unit









Horticulture Unit















Coffee Unit