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Holistic Care Center ASN

Holistic Care Center ASN

Holistic Care Centre (ASN) is a project of  The Assumption Sisters of Nairobi (ASN)  started in 2018, and whose aims is to provide psycho-spiritual services to all people with spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological needs.  The establishment of HCC (ASN) in is part of the fulfilment of the Sisters’ mission which is to empower and enable all people, to liberate themselves from any enslavement and improve the quality of their lives.  The founder’s motto for the congregation is “That all may have life and have it to the full” (Jn.10:10b). To realize this gospel inspiration, the sisters he founded envision that providing psycho-spiritual services to all people the (ASN) is one way of realizing this dream as well as responding to the signs of time.

Our Mission statement:
The Clinic is to provide growth in wholeness focusing on spiritual growth, wellness and healing through Spiritual direction, Counselling and Christian Massage Therapy. (LK: 4:18.)

Our Vision:
We are living in an era where many people are suffering either Spiritually, Psychologically or physically and after observation, it is a felt need that a clinic is needed to respond to the emerging challenges.  It is within the ASN charism to respond to the needs of the present time.  (ASN Directory’s introduction Paragraph 4).  It is hoped that through the clinic many people will be empowered to overcome struggles in life, to find balance and promote wellness that will create awareness of God’s love and presence in their lives.

Core values


Ethics statement
*We provide quality care and services using best practice standards
*We will foster a culture that is based on trust, mutual respect, teamwork and integrity
*We will give life to our values in the day to day activities and procedures of the Holistic Care Centre – Asn


 Spiritual Direction and guided retreats:

*It helps a person grow in his/her relationship with God and explore the impact of this relationship upon a person’s everyday life.
*It opens a person to God’s work within him/her.
*It helps deepen prayer life, faith and transformation in one’s life
*It heals the hurts and brokenness through the experience of God’s grace.
*It deepens the connection to the true self, others, creation and the world around us.
*It is a support and encouragement in all life’s spiritual struggles within relationships.
*It helps a person to take the next step on one’s journey through discernment.
*Facilitate a direct encounter with Jesus in the scriptures, who invites each individual to share in His mission of love and reconciliation leading to the fullness of life.

 Counselling: (Group and one to one Counselling).

 Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is wisdom…”Lao-Tzu

*It helps one deal with the dark side of one’s emotions, overcome depression and re-experiencing hope and joy.
*It gives the opportunity to get rid of the negative feelings that can overwhelm oneself.
*It provides therapeutic intervention for the clients who wish to explore personal issues and empower you to make your own decisions.
*It helps reduce stress which promotes physical health.
*It helps to improve self-awareness, improves self-esteem, understanding oneself and others.
*It will make one feel more inspired, motivated and organized.
*It moves one from a position of self-doubt or insecurity to where one feels more in control.
*It helps one to find power and choice when problems are overwhelming.

Massage Therapy and Spirituality.

*Massage Therapy deals with awareness of the body praise, focus, understanding the healthy function of the body and listening to it.
*Most secular people consider it manipulations of the body, but there is no conflict between bodywork and faith.
*It consists of prayer accompanied by love, compassion and empathy.
*It is the key in the healing process because it relieves stress and brings an awareness of the body.
*It is a remedy to common colds, flu, digestive problems and even chronicle pains.
*It brings tranquil, can then sleep well, relate well, and pray well.
*It is drug-free and an approach on the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  It is the body’s natural pain killer.
*It has been shown to increase the cells that fight cancer.
*It lowers blood pressure, balances the nervous system and enhances the immune system.
*It promotes deeper and easier breathing.
*It promotes healthy skin.

Spiritual direction – Fridays
Retreat – when booked
Counselling – Fridays
Massage – Mondays/Thursdays/Fridays

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Holistic Care Center ASN