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Oloomalaika Health Center

Oloomalaika Health Center

Olmalaika(means:”under the protection of the Guardian Angels” to guard, protect and pray for the premises, the sick, the staff, administration and the Assumption Sisters.) Health Centre was started on 3rd March 2003 in a very humble background under the ownership of the Assumption Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Nairobi (ASN).

The Health Centre is situated next to Olooloitikosh trading Centre on Kiserian-Isinya main road; in Catholic Diocese of Ngong, Kajiado County in Kenya.
The Health Centre was started as a dispensary in a portable wooden house to serve Baraka High School Students by then manned by the Assumption Sisters; after which the local native community of Masai expressed their need and desire for medical services from the Assumption Sisters. This was considered and the portable building was transferred to Olmalaika land at Olooloitikosh in a small town by name Birika, where the facility developed to health Centre in 2005 after inspection by the Ministry of Health from Kajiado County (District by then).
The legal registration and Licensing of operation was done on 27th July 2005 and 3rd August 2005 respectively.

Services rendered

Olmalaika Health Centre offers quite a variety of services beneficial to the rising population of Birika and neighbourhood:

*Outpatient services
*Laboratory services
*Antenatal services
*Child Welfare Clinics
*Maternity services
*Health talks
*Male circumcision
*HIV testing and counselling
*Prevention of Mother to child HIV transmission (PMTCT)
*Post exposure (to HIV) prophylaxis (PEP)

Currently, the Health Centre serves not only the Masai community but also other tribes such as Kisii, Luiya, Kikuyu, Kamba, Merians, Indians etc. This diversity of the population has greatly benefited from the above services since the Health Centre is the only major health facility within Birika Township despite other small health clinics; hence other future plans for further development of the Health Centre are underway.

Oloomalaika Health Center