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St Francis Xavier Nursery School

St Francis Xavier Nursery School

The Nursery school is a project the Assumption sisters of Nairobi which is within St Francis Xavier Catholic church in parklands. The Church n+eighbors Nairobi University and Mount Kenya Universities schools of law, which are off Limuru road.

History of the school
It was started in 1963 by the Holy Ghost fathers and managed by precious blood sisters who later handed it over to Consolata sisters. His Eminence late Cardinal Maurice Otunga handed it over to Assumptions sisters. Since then the Assumption sisters have been managing the school to date.
The school was started to cater to children whose parents are low-class parents, majority were and still are working as house helps of high-class people within Parklands and its environs. The parents with low income who are not able to take their little ones to costly schools within Westlands. There are also children whose parents are jobless in the neighboring slums.

The school as mentioned above is still under the management of the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi, currently represented by two sisters namely: Sr. Consolata Wambui and Sr. Christine Wandia.

System of operation in the school
We have a daycare that helps the parents who are not able to employ the house help due to their financial status.
The learning starts in Pre-Primary one (PP1) where children are oriented to school life. The orientation is merged with the learning skills recommended by the ministry of education - Competence Based Curriculum (CBC). The orientation takes one year after which they graduate to PP2. In PP2 the children are already used to school life and they learn with a lot of easiness.

The children are prepared for Grade one Interviews which they do in the course of the same year. All of our pupils have excelled in the interviews. The children join primary schools of their parent’s choice. In the year 2019, there were 25 children in PP2 who did interviews in various schools and passed. Most of the children are taken in Hospital Hill and Visha Oshwa primary schools.

The preschool follows the new curriculum (CBC) system of education. The children are also given time to participate in extra- curriculum activities like swimming, music, and horse riding.
The school provides warm and balanced diet to the children every school day.
Each day in our school starts with a word of prayer. We try to teach the children the doctrines of the church by observing the feast days and other days of obligation. The children are trained and are able to animate the school mass.

Teaching and non-teaching staff
These three teachers who are well qualified for the preschool and daycare children. We also have one cook who takes care of the kitchen and all the meals in the school. Teachers attend refresher courses which enable them to give better services to the children. Each teacher has an assistant teacher who is not trained but experienced in taking care of children

Catchment area and the enrollment
Most of the children in the Nursery comes from parklands and a few from outside.
Impact to the community
The congregation through the sisters working in the school evangelizes the children, workers, and parents. The parent are more enriched spiritually by their children who get the spiritual nourishment from the school. As children share with their parents what they have learnt in school, especially in terms of faith, some of the parents convert to Christianity and others to Catholicism hence evangelization which is our core mission.
The children are formed holistically through the education system offered. The education system involves a lot of practical such as visiting the physically challenged, parks and families as well as farms. Sharing among themselves and the needy, and also having personal and common prayers among others. The children are well-formed such that they develop self-respect and dignity acceptable in today’s society and for the future. Hence meets the Objective of the Kenyan system of Education.