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St Marys Mission Hospital Elementaita

St Marys Mission Hospital Elementaita

St. Mary’s Mission Hospital Rift Valley (Elementaita) is a “Catholic Centre of Health care Ministry In Service to The Poor,” owned and directed by the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi, within the auspices of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru. The hospital strives to provide high standards of compassionate health care, as ministry and as witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with special emphasis upon service to the poor through its non-profit, yet self-maintaining status.
St. Mary’s Mission Hospital Rift Valley is a branch of St. Mary’s Mission Hospital Nairobi and opened its doors on 15t October 2007. It is a Faith Based Mission Hospital that serves patients from all walks of Life. We provide quality, compassionate health care services to all our clients. The Hospital is fully registered by the Medical Practitioners and Dentist’s Board as a level 4 Faith Based Hospital with a bed capacity of 120 beds. The Hospital is N.H.I.F (National Health Insurance Fund) accredited under contract B where patients with NHIF cards are treated for free.

To be a model Christian Teaching and Referral Healthcare Provider
Provision of Compassionate and Quality Healthcare so that they may have life to the full
Compassion in healthcare

Preventive and curative services
*Maternal Child Health (MCH) /Ante Natal Care (ANC) and postnatal care services
*HIV/AIDS activities
*Oncology services
*Diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions’ and surgeries
*Outreach clinic services – eye screening
*Maternity services
*General and orthopedic surgeries
*Diagnostic services – X-ray, Ultrasound, Endoscopies , Electro-Cardiogram (ECG)

The Catholic Diocese of Nakuru has annual activities in which every help facility is supposed to participate. These are;
Diocesan Family Day: every catholic health facility is expected to provide first aid services and contribute medical commodities for that day including medical personnel
National Prayer Day at Subukia Shrine: every Catholic health facility is expected to participate as above
Hospital contributions: every Catholic held hospital is expected to pay Kshs. 750,000.00 (seven fifty thousand shillings only) yearly to support the diocesan health coordinators office.
KCCB Health Commission: Every Catholic hospital is supposed to pay Kshs. 15,000.00 (fifteen thousand shillings only) to support the Health Commission; and Kshs. 5,000.00 for registration during the AGM (Annual General Meeting)



Charity gifts to the disabled

Meeting with MD MEDS

Kenya Medical Board Members in our Hospital

Joined Community for tree planting

Diocesan Teambuilding for health workers

We pray with other institutes in our chapel

During a theatre operation

Meeting with consultants

Some sisters in the hospital and the Chaplain

Giving back to the community through outreaches

Giving patients and relatives Valentine gifts on Valentine day

Giving healthcare services during school sport around out area

Staff capacity building through training on COVID-19